I really love this picture of Faith. It’s as if she’s looking at Hope up in Doggie Heaven and saying, “we got you covered down here Hope!”. I also needed to test the Sharing Feature from our blog. What better way than to post a picture of Faith enjoying the cool water and sunny day. Someday soon I hope to meet Faith in person, but for now I’ll just enjoy looking at her pictures in Shane’s gallery.


  1. Barbara Haiges says:

    You guys are pawsome!!!! I am behind everything you do 100% and will send donations or help whenever you need me to within reason. (had to add that – teehee).

    • Robert Palmer says:

      I know I can speak for the Group in saying THANKS for the compliment, and anything you can donate will go towards the remaining 10 dogs at Shane and Janet’s homestead. We appreciate everyone who took the time to share or even stop by to watch the Miracle’s happen.

  2. Shane, You are Heaven Sent! Thank You for making a difference… Hope’s story has touched my daughter and I so much that she now volunteers at Monroe County Animal Control as well as being a full time college student with a future as being a vet. She’s been trying so hard to find homes for all the lost, unwanted dogs with making flyers and networking on facebook and everyone she knows. Keep Up the GREAT work, IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

  3. doris hilton says:

    Just learning how to blog . HOPE to do more as I learn. I am really hoping that someone has some encing or kennels for Shane and Janet ! fencing

  4. Tami Boyle says:

    I just wanted to drop by and say that I think the Lord works miracles. He brought you into HOPE’s life and through that miracle he brought you into Upson County. I praise him for his hand in you coming here. We need change and I think we now too have Hope and Faith. So thank you. On a more personal note, thank you for what you do. It has to be an emotional roller coaster each and every day. Most, and I do say MOST, will and would not take up this cross and carry it… or put themselves out there for people to harass, ridicule, and complain about. Thank you for not giving up the fight…. thank you for walking the extra mile… for speaking until the voice is heard… for loving and having compassion for those that can not speak or defend themselves. Thank you for using your heart and head in combination to show mercy and love. Your efforts.. Jan’s efforts… and all those of this organization will be given jewels in your crowns. May God bless you… watch over you… and help fulfill the mission of Paws for Hope and Faith. With gratitude I submit this comment.

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